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Herb Plants

Meeting Videos

Meeting Videos

Spring Herbs for Pollinators

March 1, 2022


Discover how you can contribute to a greater population of pollinators by planting common and unusual herbs this spring. Many herbs are host plants for certain butterfly larva, and most of their flowers provide nectar for butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Any landscape benefits from the addition of the texture and color these plants bring! People benefit, too, as they discover a new interest in spending time outside looking for eggs on leaves, and a wide variety of caterpillars and chrysalis, all before the beautiful butterflies emerge.



by Judith Craft, an Austin Herb Society member since 1988, and Master Gardener since 2011. She has volunteered in the Zilker Herb Garden since 2005.

The Resilient Gardener

February 1, 2021

 ​Austin Herb Society members Karen Kalergis and Stephanie Frogge share how to become a resilient gardener.  When not digging in the dirt, Karen and Stephanie research and train on resiliency and characteristics of resilient people.  Their work in trauma-related fields have shown how the attributes of resiliency can help people overcome adversity, survive and thrive. Join them as they explore five favorite herbs from their own gardens that represent strengths from their resiliency model – strengths you can cultivate to become more resilient.


Karen Kalergis, President, Mani Partners Strategic Communications: is national consultant who focuses on creating resources for individuals and organizations that work with traumatized populations.  

Stephanie Frogge describes herself as a social justice warrior, an artist, a reader and an occasional gardener.

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