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Medicinal Herbs Study Group

Medicinal Herbs & Product Making Study Group

Medicinal Herbs and Product Making Study Group meets throughout the year to learn about specific historical and modern uses of herbs, and occasionally make herb products together. 


Medicinal Herbs and Product Making  Study Group

restarted February 16, 2024 @ American Botanical Council

Making Herbal Oils and Salves with Lucinda Rudin

We made a skin healing salve using calendula, comfrey

and wild plaintain, and each member took a jar home!

Study Groups are for AHS members only as a benefit of membership.
Location and dates are subject to change.

Product Making Jan 2019 Teas Tinctures i

Herbal Products Study Group January 2019

Immunity - Teas, Tinctures & Syrups for 

Cough, Sinus & Lymph Supporters and more.

Herbal Products Study Group March 2019

Topicals - Oils, Salves and Lotions - We Made Salves!!!

Salves March 22, 2019.JPG
Salves Mar 22, 2019 Group Pic.JPG
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