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Culinary Study Group

Culinary Study Group

Formed in 2004 by longtime members Betty Williamson and Sara Holland, the AHS Culinary Group offers a fun, informal opportunity to exchange information on using herbs in everyday cooking. With a host of impressive cooks and well-tuned appetites, the Culinary Group allows members to share ideas and experiences as well as experiment with new herbs in new ways.


Each meeting is led by one or more members or special guests who focus on a style of cooking or a particular category of herb, often exploring the history and growing techniques of various herbs. Each member is expected to participate in some manner. Oh yes, be prepared to taste and eat!

The schedule sometimes includes a field trip to a member's home, an area restaurant, or local business. All Austin Herb Society members are welcome to attend. Meetings are not open to the general public.

For more information, contact Karla Renaud at 

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