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Culinary Study Group

Culinary Study Group for AHS Members

AHS Culinary Calendar 2023 - 2024

Culinary Leaders: Elaine Betterton and Jenny Chichester


All meetings 3rd Friday 11:00 am at Austin Botanical Council (ABC) 6200 Manor Road *unless noted

Culinary does not meet in summer June - August or in December. 

Culinary study group is open to Austin Herb Society members only, please join AHS to participate!


UPCOMING​ TOPICS 2023-2024 member year:

Mediterranean Garden Party   May 17th, 2023 - 11 a.m.

held at a member's home garden  (members will receive address by email)

Explore the herbs used in Greece, Italy, Spain, coastal France, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Morocco.  We’ll briefly review why the Mediterranean is so healthy. Bring your favorite dish or experiment with one of the recipes we recommend to share!

June - August break for the summer!

PAST TOPICS 2023-2024 member year


No Culinary meeting in February due to Soup Social at main meeting!

Southeast Asian Herbs and Cuisine        April 19th, 2024 - 11 a.m. @ ABC

    "Enjoy the rich cuisine of Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Explore familiar and unique herbs with a cooking presentation by AHS members Rima, Brigid, Jenny and Zee!

Prepare your favorite dish or experiment with one of our suggested recipes to share with others to round out our meal."

Indian cuisine              January 19th, 2024 - 11 a.m. @ Jenny Chichester’s home*


Relish the delectable cuisine of India at the home of Jenny Chichester, who will share some of the health benefits of Indian cooking, preparation tips, and provide a few of her favorite recipes for us to sample.

 Bring your favorite Indian dish or select one of the recipes we suggest to accompany Jenny’s dishes.

Wear a sari, shawl or holiday season dress for a festive Indian holiday meal.

Autumn Spice Herbal “High Tea”          November 17th, 2023 - 11 a.m. @ ABC  


Enjoy a non-traditional high tea with a twist!  Savor spiced and herbal teas along with traditional and non-traditional, sweet and savory, herbal and spicy high tea dishes and desserts for a festive pre-holiday culinary event. We’ll provide recipe suggestions or bring your own favorite sweet or savory herbal accompaniment to share!

Feel free to wear your favorite hat or fascinator for this event! 

Moringa - Cooking with this Miracle Tree of Life      October 20th, 2023 - 11 am @ ABC


Join us to learn why moringa is known as the Miracle Tree of Life, and take a culinary exploration of this plant as we experiment at home with dishes to share.  We can use moringa powder (widely available), the dried leaves (Mexican outlets), or fresh “drumstick leaves” and/or frozen “drumsticks.”  We'll tell you exactly where to buy moringa and even provide moringa powder at October 3 main mtg before the culinary to take home. 

We’ll use some recipes from Joe Urbach’s Moringa Miracle book or find your own recipes utilizing this plant to prepare for our Moringa potluck!  Take a tour after class to see a thriving Moringa Tree, conveniently located on the grounds of the ABC and learn a few growing tips for this plant.

Herb Dressings & Sauces           September 29th* (5th Friday), 2023 - 11am @ ABC

* Please NOTE this month’s date is an exception from the usual 3rd Friday meeting day.


Herb Dressings & Sauces make everything taste better!   Learn some simple rules underlying dressing and sauce  recipes as well as tips to alter recipes, so you can create your own taste sensations to transform any meal.

Share your favorite herbal sauce or dressing or make one of the recipe ideas we'll provide. It can be part of the dish you make, or to pour/dip on food Jenny & Elaine will provide as bases to taste test and compare different herb-based toppings.  These might include a salad, tortilla chips, roasted vegetables or grilled chicken.  



With a host of impressive cooks and adventurous eaters, the AHS Culinary Group allows members to share ideas and fun food experiences together, as well as experiment with new herbs in new ways.


Each meeting is led by one or more members or special guests who focus on a style of cooking or a particular category of herb, often exploring the history and growing techniques of various herbs. Each member is expected to participate in some manner, bringing beverages or decor if not food. 

Be prepared to taste and socialize!

The schedule sometimes includes a field trip to a member's home, an area restaurant, or local business. All Austin Herb Society members are welcome to attend. Culinary Study Group meetings are not open to the general public, but are a benefit of membership!

For more information on dates, topics and location, members may contact 

Formed in 2004 by longtime members Betty Williamson and Sara Holland, the AHS Culinary Group offers a fun, informal opportunity to exchange information on using herbs in everyday cooking.

As an example, last year's programs included: 

  • Roll Your Own Vietnamese Summer Rolls lesson

how to roll it away with shrimp last_edi
table of ingredients_edited.jpg
wrapped summer roll photo_edited.jpg

  • Mexican cooking demonstration & culinary herbs talk by Toby Bernal of American Botanical Council

  • Herbs for Winter Roasting and Baking potluck

  • Charcuterie Boards and vegan herb cheeses sampling

  • Bitter is Better presentation by Sara Holland, with digestive bitters tastings & bitter foods potluck

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