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Austin Herb Society monthly meetings feature great educational programs.

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January 5th - Virtual on Zoom

Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets - The Anti-Aging Powers of Plants

By Valkyrie Lang

Cleopatra is known for her seductress qualities and mythological beauty. Legend has it that she harnessed the power of nature to enhance her beauty and influence Roman politics. Join us for a fun and informative talk where we will learn Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets and ancient recipes for becoming a timeless beauty.

Speaker Info:

Valkyrie Lang is the creative genius and formulator of A Natural High, a company she started in 2000, where she formulates and manufactures her own line of anti-aging skin care and medicinal herbal formulas.

Val holds a certificate in Homeo-Botanical Therapy, representing 1400 hours of study from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Trained in Herbalism and Aromatherapy, Val is a longtime member and sponsor of the Austin Herb Society.

Although she now works full-time as a Financial Advisor, Val still offers her line at and loves sharing the wisdom of plants!


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Past Monthly Meetings

- November 10th Monthly Meeting - 

Virtual on Zoom

“The First Thanksgiving:

Herbs in Early America"

Program Focus:

Join AHS for “The First Thanksgiving: Herbs in Early America” Nov. 10


Take a step back in time—way back!—to 1621 at our next AHS meeting Tuesday, Nov. 10 when we explore “The First Thanksgiving: Herbs in Early America,” presented by AHS members Norise Jastillana, VP/Communications, and Karla Renaud, Culinary Chair.


Norise will discuss how traditional European and native American herbs were used to flavor Thanksgiving fare while Karla will focus on the history of herbal medicine in early America.


Today’s Thanksgiving menu holds little resemblance to America’s inaugural feast in 1621, when Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians gathered to celebrate a bountiful harvest of native maize, explains Norise.


The first Thanksgiving tables were laden with the “fruit of the land”—from fish, fowl and wild game to native fruits, squashes and Indian stews. Old and New World herbs added the finishing touch to recipes, just as they do today.


Herbs played just as an important role in housekeeping and medicine as they did in cooking, says Karla, who will describe how colonists used traditional and native herbs to promote health and to cure their ills.


For example, colonial housewives were expected to grow medicinal herbs to have on hand to use per doctor’s orders. Plants were also cultivated for use in dyes for linen and wool clothing and for other household uses.

December 1, 2020 - Reflections, Connections & 'Confections

Our December Holiday meeting has always been special—a time to meet and chat, shop with our sponsors, show off our holiday sweaters or ornament earrings that light up, and sample tried-and-true or new edibles. We've always celebrated in a magical atmosphere decorated by our own Roberta Showerman and our hospitality teams.


This year we want to pay homage to all of that with our program, "Reflections, Connections & Confections," at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1 on Zoom.  Our program agenda includes some recollections of past events, a history of our involvement in the garden, words from some of our sponsors, and a toast to ourselves!

We strongly suggest that you wear your holiday sweater or other festive garb and, if possible, add some seasonal glitz to your Zoom background. We’ll include time for comments and recollections to connect us all as we go forward. See you soon!

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