AHS Leadership Team 
Jan 2022 - May 2022

Board of Directors

Karen Kalergis


President Elect

Diane Salazar

Vice President of Programs

Aline Guillot

Vice President of Education & Outreach
Lucinda Rudin

Vice President of Membership
Suzanne Cockreham
Linda Bergman

Vice President of Communications
Norise Jastillana


Vice President of Horticulture
Judith Craft

Jan Bland

Becky Engle

AAGC Representative
Lucinda Rudin


Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs, and Assistants

AAGC Alternate Rep

Roberta Showerman

Communications Assistant

Danielle Mundle 

Culinary Study Group
Karla Renaud

Door Prize Co-Chairs
Pam Bell

Roberta Showerman


Field Trips Chair

Andra Millian

Herbal Products Study Group

Autumn Schulze

Holiday Event Chair
Susan Norwood


Hospitality Chair

Casey Sheafe


Member Garden Tour

Susan Norwood


Membership Luncheon

Susan Norwood



Janice Duff


Nominating Committee
Kate Alsobrook


John Fine


Plant Sale Co-Chairs

Sarah Schwartz

Program Committee Members

Maxine Missios

Judy Schlotzhauer

Chris Wenk-Harrison

Jennifer Chichester

Speakers Bureau Chair

Diane Salazar

Sponsors Chair