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Product Making Group

Product Study Group



All AHS Product Group Meetings are on

Saturdays at 10-11:30 AM online via Zoom for 2020/2021.


This will allow for recorded replays that can

be sent to Product Group members who miss the event!


Mark Your Calendar for Group Meeting Days !!


When: 10-11:30AM Saturday, December 5, 2020

Title: Herbal Gift From Your Backyard

Topic: From tea, smudge sticks, jelly, honey and vinegar oh my; just to name a few of the wonderful recipes and ideas our members will share.

Zoom Fun: We also encourage you to wear your favorite Holiday sweater, hat or scarf!


10-11:30AM Saturday, February 6, 2021

Title: Supportive Herbs for Stress, Anxiety and the Nervous System

Topic: Including herbal Adaptogens & Nervines we will discuss tools to support the Nervous System and the body’s adaptation during stressful times. Tea formulation and blending will be discussed as well.

Zoom Fun: We also encourage you to wear your favorite Valentines or Red/Heart Clothing or Accessory!


10-11:30AM Saturday April 17, 2021

Title: Medicinal Mushrooms, Inflammation Support, CBD & Turmeric

Topic: Come and learn about these wonderful herbs and the many products we can utilize them in. From delicious recipes to topical soothers, we’ve got you covered.

Zoom Fun: Wear your favorite spring colors, garden hat or even fun glasses to share in the spring fun.



10-11:30AM Saturday May 8, 2021

Title: Our Members Favorite Backyard Remedies

Topic: Backyard remedies, products and tips by our very own members. Come and enjoy our stories of lessons learned, herbal wisdom from the back yard and our favorite goodies to store and share all year round.

Zoom Fun: We’d love to see what is blooming in your garden. So we will be doing a bouquet/harvest show and tell. Doesn’t have to be flowers, can be herbs and veggies too!


Study Groups are for AHS members only as a benefit of membership.

Location and dates are subject to change.
Contact: Autumn Schulze


Product Making Jan 2019 Teas Tinctures i

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Salves Mar 22, 2019 Group Pic.JPG
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