The Austin Herb Society is dedicated to educating members and the community about herbs, including propagation, landscaping, history and folklore, plus culinary, medicinal, and decorative uses of herbs.

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Get your wings ready! Faeries are landing at the Zilker Botanical Garden. Each summer, the Woodland Faeries return to Zilker Botanical Garden to vacation in Austin, TX. Families, school groups, and individuals within the community build tiny homes in preparation for the arrival of these fae folk. Our faerie king and queen are John Fine and Roberta Showerman who build the enchanting scene for AHS each year. 


The Woodland Faerie Trail will be open daily through the summer months from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Special admission tickets are necessary to view the Woodland Faerie Trail. It is included with your

General Admission to the Garden (prices listed here), but be sure to reserve your tickets online

in advance before you visit.

Visit the AHS Faerie House at the

Zilker Botanical Garden Woodland Faerie Trail

2022 Plant Sale update: Photos, recipes & landscape herb recommendations!

Herbalists know that thyme is an herb that is known for its protective qualities and that thyme attracts faeries...who couldn't use a little more thyme and faeries in their garden?

About Austin Herb Society & Zilker Herb Garden

Since 1982, the Austin Herb Society has been educating members and the community about herbs, including propagation, landscaping, history, folklore, and culinary, medicinal, and decorative uses of herbs. While our members are united by an interest in herbs, they are also a diverse group of individuals: from gardeners and herbalists to cooks and business owners.

AHS members design and maintain the Zilker Herb Garden—a dazzling landscape of color and fragrance that has become a centerpiece of Zilker Botanical Garden. Here, visitors can touch, taste and smell their way through nearly 200 varieties of herbs, depending on the season. Bees and butterflies dot the beds of basil, lavender and calendula. There are classic culinary herbs like rosemary, mint and thyme alongside herbs revered for their health attributes, including aloe and echinacea.



In addition to hands-on learning in the Zilker Herb Garden, members enjoy:

  • Monthly meetings with expert speakers on diverse topics

  • Educational workshops & seminars throughout the year

  • Study groups focused on culinary herbs and herbal products

  • Field trips to unique gardens and herb-loving businesses

  • Delicious herbal refreshments at in-person meetings

  • Fellowship with interesting & informed herb lovers

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Austin Herb Society
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